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NBC’s Fred Roggin

Sports Anchor

Talk Radio Host



"If it weren’t for that EZ Prompter, I probably won’t have won this" (as he held up the Emmy Award that he had just received).


David Clair



When faced with the challenge of having two dozen sailors aboard the USS Lincoln recite the Gettysburg Address while at sea we realized we needed a teleprompter that would be portable and self-contained. Barber Tech's EZ Prompter was so simple and innovative it defied the laws of modern production gear: there was no computer, no screen, no power. But it worked where other teleprompter systems wouldnt have. To put it very simply : it is a great idea


Joel Watkins

Production Manager

Comcast Spotlight


Since arriving here a week ago, we've been able to use our EZ Prompter Stealth quite successfully with three of our production clients. Since most of our local advertisers have a very limited commercial production budget, purchasing a prompter never made fiscal sense. At about $600, the EZ Prompter Stealth has already paid for itself. Our clients love it. They don't have to memorize copy or try and read cue cards. It sets up in seconds and fits beautifully on our small HDV cameras with an adaptor ring. Great product. We intend to get a lot of use out of it.


Joseph Cabral

Communications Manager City of Lancaster


Before buying this prompter we checked out a number of different brands and styles of prompters. What attracted us to Barber Tech's EZ Prompter was its simplistic design and cost. Most other companies were asking much more $ for much less value. We used this prompter right after receiving it, without a hitch.


Michael Barton

Creative Director

MBS video productions


This thing is awesome!!!

I'm taping 20 - 3 minute speaker videos in 4 hours on Saturday. Pretty much the people will be speaking into the camera and have 15 minutes to get there part done. I was stressed... now I am confident that it will be easy.


Scott Broad

Haunted Media


I am on location now using the Steddiepod. This new version is AWESOME. All yesterday my camera never left the Steddiepod and I was able to get 12 different angles of the same shot which would have taken me triple the time or longer to do if I didn't have my Steddiepod.


Great job in the new version!


Sonia Alvarado


Aces TV Inc


Eddie is a very creative person who clearly understands what producers are looking for. The EZ Prompter was one of my first purchases years ago when I left Television to start my corporate video production business. It is an awesome product that's extremely practical and works very well. People who I've used it with have always been pleasantly surprised and impressed with it, including some celebrities and fellow producers. My latest purchase was a tripod. It is very versatile, light weight, compact and it was affordable. I look forward to buying more products from Barber Tech in the future.