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Alex S. Talis

Director / Producer

Bluebonnet Media Group


President, Professional

Videographers Association

(Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX)


I spoke with Eddie on the phone a couple of months before NAB 2010 about checking his camera boom product. I live in Dallas, Texas and here there are no film products available to play with, there are no stores or dealers who carry these types of products so the only way for me to check out camera booms was to go to NAB.

I was looking for a commercial size boom arm that would have to have several important features:
1. It had to be good quality
2. It had to be commercial size
3. Light weight for its size
4. Low profile in its appearance
5. Easy assembly for one person
6. Smooth operation
7. Being able to fit it in a mini van or SUV

I went to NAB in April 2010 and there were many options to choose from. This was exciting for me because I knew I had many choices and I was able not only look but to touch and play with many camera boom options. After reviewing at least 6 or 7 different camera booms, I came to the conclusion that the Barber Boom Stealth TSR-24/28 HD was the right choice for me. It satisfied all of the 7 requirements that I've described above. Dealing with Eddie and Michelle was nothing but pleasure.

When I spoke with Eddie at the NAB, I told him that the purchase of Barber Boom Stealth TSR-24/28 HD was pending upon sale of my other camera boom that I had. Eddie had extended the NAB discount to me for one month so I could sale my older boom and still get the NAB discount. I was able to sell my older camera boom within two weeks and was ready to order from BarberTech Video Products.

During the process I spoke with Eddie and Michelle on several occasions and all of the times that we spoke on the phone, both of them were professional, courteous, knowledgeable and experienced in their field, I felt that I was also educated in the process.

At the end, I received my camera boom. Everything that I had ordered was high quality. There were also things in there that were included free of charge, extra little things that would make assembly quicker and easier. I am pleased that I went to NAB and I am pleased that I got to know Eddie and Michelle. I must say that I wish that there were more US based companies like BarberTech Video Products.

Thank you both very much. Best of luck to you both Eddie and Michelle, success and prosperity.


Douglas T. Green


Vigilante 2010


I just wanted to say that my experience with the new barber boom and the steddiepod made my job as a director a lot of fun. I was finallly able to get the camera movement that normally cost an arm and a leg. The flexibility of the boom allowed us to work in small rooms as well as outside. It is definitely scalable. The steddiepod sets up so quickly, you are ready to shoot in no time. I would recommend both the new barber boom and steddiepod for any production.


Victor J. Pancerev


Dear Eddie and Michelle,

Thank you BOTH so very much for the FANTASTIC service and GREAT PRICE on my new 30' Barber Boom. You both were also extremely gracious, helpful, and knowledgeable about the assembly process.

As you know, I have been a professional producer/director/cameraman/jib and Barber Boom operator for over 17 years with many A-list credits including Tupac's I GET AROUND video, THE GREAT WHITE HYPE with Sam Jackson and Jeff Goldblum, and ESPN Boxing. Besides the original Barber Boom 20 which I purchased in 1996, I have operated nearly every other jib/crane out there including the Jimmy Jib and Cam Mate. This new Barber Boom far eclipses all of them. It is truly a modern boom for today's lightweight cameras. But don't let the "lightweight" fool you. I had a Sony F900-R fully equipped on it for the Fox series LIE TO ME.

This boom is fully adjustable from 6'-30' by the inch. It is great to FINALLY get the exact length you need to the nearest inch...NOT THE NEAREST 4 FEET. It is EXTREMELY easy and fast to build. Best of all, You can actually fit it all in a Mini Cooper....but I haul mine in a Jeep Grand Cherokee along with all of my camera gear, lights and luggage. No trailer/cube truck parking hassles. The controls are smooth as silk...the pan and tilt are amazing. I actually did a 3-continuous 360-tilt-down shot on a short film (The Burrow) with a Sony EX3.

And it's NOT just for the high, wide crane shots anymore. I get great looking dolly shots, high-angle/low-angle/subtle movement shots as well as the BIG 30 FOOT crane shot! On some of the music videos I have shot, as much as 75% or more of the total footage was shot on the Barber Boom. This boom can be as creative as you are.

Before anybody buys or rents those old "dinosaur" jib-cranes, I would HIGHLY recommend the new Barber Boom. Thanks again for building a boom that actually works!