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TOP 12 Ways that the Newest Versions of the Emmy Award winning

Barber Booms (crane/jib) are better than the competition.

    1. Barber Booms have the lowest profile of ANY remote arm! This results in less wind resistance (resulting in better control in windy situations) and better visibility at events (resulting in less complaints form those in the audience who would otherwise have their view blocked).
    2. Barber Booms are the only arms that are infinitely Telescopic to within a half of an inch of any length you may desire up to the overall length of the Model you choose, and costing under $75K.
    3. Barber Booms are advertised fairly, our advertised Models give you both important measurements. Example: Our Barber Boom Stealth TR 16/20 has a longer Arm reach (16') and Higher Maximum Height (20') than the jonyjib 18, which has a arm reach of only 13' and a maximum height of only 18' (in the "OVERSLUNG" mode, ask yourself: How often do you "OVERSLING" your head?). Also, our competitors give their arms ambiguous names (like jr, pro, giant, travel series, 2000 series, T11, T15, T21, extension kits, etc.) all designed to confuse you into thinking you will be getting more for less, when in fact you will be getting less for more $$$. Where we dazzle you with brilliance, they seem to want to baffle you with bs.
    4. The Barber Boom's Camera Controls are much more intuitive utilizing a unique pan/tilt handle/joystick hybrid that operates much like the pan/tilt handle on a tripod, thus making it much easier for operators to learn to operate the Barber Boom verses the joystick controls that our competitors have.
    5. The Barber Boom has the controls at the pivot point, this allows the operator to be able to easily boom all the way up and all the way down without having to bend way over or reach up high, and be able to avoid being backed up in a corner as with our competitors arms, yet can easily be mounted in the rear if that is really want you want.
    6. The Barber Boom Head is designed in a way that the bottom of the camera can get very low, all the way down to within a ½" of the ground, where as many of our competitor's remote heads keep your camera several inches above the ground.
    7. The Barber Boom Head is also designed with a cable access whole at the center of the rotation points resulting in the ability to do multiple 360 degree rotations without tangling the camera cables.
    8. Unlike some of our competitors that just use plastic bushings, Barber Booms have stainless steel bearings at all moving points resulting in much smoother movements & shots.
    9. When used with a small HD Camera (up to 7 pounds) the Barber Boom Stealth TSR 16/20 can be set up without any mast or suspension cables what so ever, making set up really fast and easy (in as little as 8 ½ minutes!)
    10. The Barber Booms are the ONLY single operator Camera Booms to have won an Emmy Award; wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell your clients that you're using one of the latest versions of the Emmy Award winning Barber Booms?
    11. The Barber Boom Arms are made of steel and are much stronger than all of our competitors' arms which are made of aluminum, if someone accidentally drive over one of our arms, no problem; drive over one of our competitors arms and they are toast!
    12. Lastly, The Barber Booms definitely give you the Most Bang for Your Buck and are truly the Best Value and Better for Less, Don't You deserve Better For Less?
A little history lesson, just for the record:
    A jib is a short little arm (usually 2-4 foot long) with a manual fluid head on it, the operator stands beside the head and manually pans & tilts & booms. A Crane is a huge heavy arm that people ride up on (like what my friend Leonard Chapman makes). However, a long Arm with a remote control Camera head on the End of it is a Remote Control Camera Boom. I know this because I invented it (in 1973) and won an Emmy Award for it! About the time I stopped making Barber Booms in the late 80's Jim Stanton teamed up with Ron Mitchell of Micron Tool and started making remote arms, for some reason they called them jibs (I think it had something to do with his name), then when Jim and Ron had a falling out, Ron started Cammate and for some reason he called them cranes, pretty much everyone else just followed suite and called their remote control Camera Booms jibs or cranes, resulting in a situation where most people have no clue what is what or what the difference is.
    Now that I am back making Remote Control Camera Booms, I have this daunting task of trying to "re-educate" the Industry, so please do me a favor & stop calling Remote Control Camera Booms jibs & cranes! And please TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS & ASSOCIATES! Thank you.